When any data is uploaded to a website hosting account or downloaded using it, some website traffic is produced and that is an attribute that each and every hosting plan has. It's furthermore among the attributes you have to take a look at, since the amount of traffic quota you will need is dependent upon the things you need the account for. The web site traffic is primarily generated by downloads and this includes site visits. In layman's terms, each time someone visits your website, the webpages are downloaded from the server on his or her computer system and they are afterwards shown by their internet browser. It's of course recommendable to be aware that uploads matter too, therefore if you back up large files from your pc to the server, some website traffic will be generated too. Different suppliers may have different names for this particular feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however they all refer to the same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing data generated for a given period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Website Hosting

All our website hosting plans are designed with the idea to handle the site traffic generated by any type of web site that can run in such an account. If you own one or a number of small-scale or medium-sized web sites, you'll not be limited by the monthly traffic quota no matter what content you have - plain text and / or lots of images, for example. The stats inside your hosting Control Panel provides you with elaborate details about the site traffic generated by each website and the total amount for your account altogether. The figures are updated in real time and display both the daily and the monthly usage, which means that you will be aware of how much info is transferred to and from your hosting account anytime. The very first day of each and every month your counter is reset, but you'll still be able to see the site traffic statistics for the previous months, that will inform you on how your websites perform.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers

As our semi-dedicated hosting plans are quite efficient, we've decided not to set any kind of limit for the monthly website traffic that a given account can produce. We believe that if you need a website hosting plan that comes with a great deal of computing power, your websites will most probably have plenty of visitors and given that each visitor produces a part of the traffic, one may end up with unavailable web sites in case there is some limit for this feature. With truly unrestricted site traffic, you will be sure this will never happen. To save you time, you can keep track of the content being downloaded and the website traffic that is generated for each domain with monthly, daily and hourly numbers that will give you an idea how popular your web sites are. You can even see particular webpages and files that have generated most of the website traffic in your semi-dedicated account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated web hosting plans that we offer you include enormous website traffic allowances which are enough for any kind of website, even a video streaming portal or a well-liked social network. Terabytes of traffic will be available to you every month and the control panel that is included with each and every dedicated server will give you info what amount of information has been transferred already and what amount is available for the present month. To avoid service interruptions, we'll let you know as soon as you reach 90% of your allowance and you are able to either decrease the website traffic made by your sites by optimizing their data, or you'll be able to increase the allowance for your account. It's extremely unlikely that you'll ever need such an update, but we prefer to leave this alternative open. The statistics in that panel include the entire site traffic, in contrast to the data from your hosting Control Panel where you can see only the traffic from web sites, but not from server-side software downloads and / or updates.